Best-in-class interoperable infrastructure for medical diagnostics

Diagnostic flows made simple

DasLab connects your enterprise to at-home, point-of-care or professionally sampled diagnostics, streamlining workflows, enhancing user experience, and optimizing data management. Experience better health outcomes while focusing on your core business.

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Seamless digital access to real-world diagnostics

For too long the medical diagnostics ecosystem has been fragmented, inconsistent, and disconnected.

Daslab’s interoperability platform removes these obstacles enabling healthcare professionals, patients, and laboratories to connect easily and consistently.

Daslab Ecosystem

For Healthcare Providers

Plug-and-play access to medical diagnostics

Our platform - built on the FHIR data standard - makes it simple for providers to offer at-home or professionally sampled medical diagnostics.

Increase consultation volume
Unlock consultation growth potential via follow-up and interpretation of diagnostic results
Improve patient experience & engagement
Enable a fully digital continuum for your patients
Simple & Scalable
A single point of integration with DasLab’s API is all that is required to connect
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For Labs

Increase test volume and improve resource utilisation

Laboratories that join our network gain simple, no-risk access to national and international markets.

Genuine partnership
We will work with you to understand and help grow your business
Access to new volume
We enable an increased capacity utilization through access to new digital health use cases


Lower healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes

By providing seamless digital access to diagnostics, our platform helps payers to lower costs and improve outcomes.

Promote preventative care
Our platform enables healthcare professionals to proactively identify and address health issues before they become serious and costly.
Improve patient engagement
We engage with patients in a more meaningful way, helping to improve adherence to treatment plans and overall patient outcomes.
Reduce unnecessary testing
We enable healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions about diagnostic testing, reducing unnecessary tests and associated costs.
Access to real-time data
We provide payers with real-time data on diagnostic results, enabling them to make more informed decisions about patient care and treatment.
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