Our Vision

Making patients healthier by providing universal access to high quality diagnostics

Our Values

Lean Thinking

Lean solutions allow us to be nimble, adaptable, to innovate and learn quickly. We are smart and strategic about where we invest our time and efforts. However, we also know the leanest solutions often require the most creative thinking.


We are pioneers in a new field, we are not happy with the status quo, we want to take risks to solve big problems. We work with positive energy and motivation.


We love human beings, in all their complexity and variation.

We always strive to understand and respect the personal perspective and circumstances of our team members, users, and partners, so that we may better serve them.


While we are independent thinkers we also know that we can not succeed alone; we rely on the diverse perspectives and skills of our colleagues and partners to help us realise our vision.

We are team players and know that we are stronger together than as individuals.

Positive Social Impact

We always strive to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages. We understand that we live in community and use our skills for the betterment of it, and that progress for some cannot be at the expense of others.

Although we focus on SDG3 (UN Social Development Goal 3) we bare some consideration for all SDG in everything we do.

Meet our founders

Photo of Dr. Daniel Fallscheer, Co-Founder, CEO

Dr. Daniel Fallscheer

Co-Founder, CEO

Healthcare expert with >12+ years experience in high-profile roles in leading healthcare corporates (Siemens Healthineers, Medtronic)

Photo of Etienne Adriaenssen, Co-Founder, CTO

Etienne Adriaenssen

Co-Founder, CTO

Founded >10 digital ventures in the Consumer / Lifestyle / Wellbeing / Healthcare space

Photo of Jeremy Langworthy, Co-Founder, VP Product

Jeremy Langworthy

Co-Founder, VP Product

Senior product expert with >15 years experience building innovative digital products for a range of industries

Photo of Björn von Siemens, Investor and Board member

Björn von Siemens

Investor and Board member

Serial entrepreneur in digital healthcare. Founder of caresyntax, leading digital surgery platform

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